Festa dos Tabuleiros 2015 Tomar, 4-13th July. Reservations only please during this period for Chalets & Camping. Festa dos Tabuleiros 2015 Tomar, 4-13th julho. Reservas só por favor durante este período para Cottages & Camping Festa dos Tabuleiros 2015 Tomar, 4-13th juillet. Réservations uniquement se il vous plaît pendant cette période est Chalets & Camping Contact Us

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Camping Redondo

Getting to us here in Camping Redondo can be done in a number of ways and air links to Portugal are regular and cover a range of prices, bus and train links within Portugal are reasonably priced, of good standard and regular.

Flight Connections from UK

EasyJet, BA or TAP to Lisbon Airport

EasyJet, Edinburgh to Lisbon

Ryanair to Porto Airport

Flights from other European countries

EasyJet and other Budget airlines.

Brussels Airways fly into Lisbon airport.

Portugal Trains

Direct trains to and from Lisbon Oriente station, a short taxi ride from Lisbon airport, whereas Sta. Apolonia is good for the city centre. The journey to Tomar takes just under 2 hours with a faster service in the early morning and evening peak hours. There is also a fast service to and from Lisbon from Entroncamento station.

Check train times on www.cp.pt.

Cost around 10 €uros.


Bus Service

Lisbon / Tomar - Rede-Expressos.

Check times on www.rede-expressos.pt.

Cost around 10 €uros.


Intercity Train

Entroncamento (20 minutes away) offers Intercity train connections to France, Spain, Lisbon, and Porto is a 2 hour journey time.

Metro connection to Porto Airport – 25 minute journey.

Check times on www.cp.pt.

Cost around 20 €uros plus metro fare @ 2 €uros.


Camping Redondo offer clients a taxi service from Tomar and Entroncamento Stations.

Cost - Tomar 5 €uros pp Entroncamento 10 €uros pp.

For destinations further afield i.e. Fatima and the Silver Coast, prices on application.